It’s been a busy year so far…we made a decision to change our in-country partners and have now signed a contract with Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development to take care of our in-country interests ( This is proving to have been a good decision and we are working well together to implement our programme.

We now have a full complement of five mobile nursing teams covering some very remote areas of the National Park. With the increased scale of the project and bigger distances to cover to re-supply each of our nurses we have invested in a second hand Toyota Land Cruiser which is ready to ship duty-free to Ethiopia. In the rugged, off-road terrain in the mountains this should make re-supplying our clinic and our nurses much easier.

Our first two BSc Midwives will graduate in October and will be assigned to the local Adi Arkie clinic to work after we signed a memorandum of understanding with the Gondar Ethiopian Health Minister governing their deployment.

We have conducted another successful course on “Safe and Clean Deliveries” for Health Extension Workers working in the mountains.

Our clinic is attracting more and more patients including ante-natal and post-natal checks and lots of deliveries—even if we have to encourage the ladies to attend the clinics with baby clothes and small gifts!