Simien Mountain Mobile Medical service is a small family run charity and we depend upon your donations to continue our work. Please visit the ideas page to see the different activities your money helps to support; each month we must cover the costs of medications, equipment and salaries. Further, donations help to cover the tuition fees for our midwifery scholarships. In the coming year the first of these midwives will be qualified and working in the community providing much needed care to mothers as they carry, deliver and care for their children.

We will use this website to keep you informed on how your money was spent and to update you on developments and news from the project. If you donate via bank transfer and would like acknowledgement please leave your contact details so we can get in touch.

You can be assured we will not pass on the details of any of our donors to other charities or third parties.

SMMMS is registered in the UK (1162302), Belgium (0838-437-019) and the USA (501(C) US Tax ID 47-5150326); please see below for details for how to donate in each country.

United Kingdom;

By direct bank transfer to:

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Bank

25 Kings Hill Ave, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19, United Kingdom

Account name – Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service – UK

Account number – 00029029 and sort code – 40-52-40

By cheque made payable to ‘Simien Mountain Mobile Medical Service – UK’

Please if you would like to send a cheque



By direct bank transfer to:

Account name:  Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service

Account number:  088-2490478-95

IBAN:  BE76 0882 4904 7895


Bellies Bank, Place Communal 3, 7830 Silly, Belgium

By cheque made payable to ‘Simien Mountain Mobile Medical Service asbl’

Chemin de Fouleng 10, 7943 Gages, Belgium


By direct bank transfer to:

Account number 820316497 and account name – SMMMS-USA

Bank—Andrews Federal Credit Union

5711 Allentown Road, Suitland, MD 20746, USA

By cheque made payable to ‘Charity account number — SOSID 1484233’

1000 Hope Mills Road, Fayetteville, NC 28304, USA

“In November 2014 while visiting our clinic, a family arrived with their small child after a walk of many hours. Clearly very ill with pneumonia we decided to evacuate him to Debark hospital for treatment. As we were preparing to leave the father gestured to me to take a photograph of his wife and son. Only an hour later, on the way to hospital, the child died in his mother’s arms. I hope this image will serve as a collective reminder of the needless tragedies faced everyday in the mountains.” – Dr Marcus Stevens