Brian, our secretary, flew to Ethiopia to witness the signing of our 5 year plan by The Health Minister at Gondar. This has allowed us to move forward and opens a lot of doors for us in Ethiopia.

Community Projects Africa has asked us to take over the running of the clinic at Keyit which they had built. We are working with The AFYA foundation, an amazing charity that recycles medical supplies. Hopefully a 20 ton container will soon be on its way from the U.S packed with supplies for the clinic. Also, a generator will be purchased together with a water pump and a fence enclosing the clinic to increase security.

Hawlt, our present clinic nurse is to be promoted to our area supervisor. Getu, our present mobile/community nurse will take over the clinic and a new nurse recruited together with a new mobile team to operate from Ambaras.

Our 3 Hamlin sudents have settled in well and one even voted by her peers and staff as Miss Hamlin 2012! It is hoped to offer up to 6 Bsc midwifery scholarships at Gondar University Midwifery College in the new academic year.