We have been busy pushing ahead with our 5 year plan. Hawlt is now our area supervisor and has been doing great work co-ordinating with health officials and the people of the Simien mountains and making them stake holders in the project. Hawlt now has an office at the park head quarters in Debark.

Two more nurses have been recruited and have started work. One has taken over the clinic at Keyit from Hawlt and the other has headed up a new mobile team operating out of Ambaras.

Our 3 midwifery student at The Hamlin continue to do well and are at the top of their classes. We have obtained up to another 6 midwifery scholarships at Gondar University for a 4 year BSc degree, starting in September.

Our container packed with supplies for the clinic at Keyit has left New York thanks tothe AFYA foundation.