A big thanks to a retiring dentist for donating his entire dental surgery to us, and, also to Ethiopian airlines for agreeing to transport the equipment to Ethiopia at a greatly discounted price. Thanks also to Dentaid, a U.K NGO for their help and advise. The dental surgery will go to the local hospital in Debark where it will benefit all the population of Debark and The Simiens.

Twelve students primarily from the area of Beyeda took part in an examination process to select 6 students for the SMMMS Midwifery Scholarships. The successful candidates will go forward to Gondar University to start their 4 year BSc course. Congratulations and good luck to the successful candidates.

Thank you toe Gane and Marshall for sponsoring a midwifery student, for their 4 year BSc degree at Gondar University. More information on their Ethiopian travel agency can be found here.