SMMMS currently has 7 board members, including a President, Vice-President, Teasurer, and Secretary. A General Meeting of the Board is held on an anual basis to review SMMMS activities and finances, and approve the next year’s workplan and budget.

SMMMS is currently registered in Belgium, UK and the USA. A general meeting of each board is held on an annual basis to review SMMMS activities and finances, and approve the next year’s work plan and budget.

Wendy Lovatt, Brian Lovatt, Jennifer Poulson, Marilee Wilson, Hugh Lovatt, Jim Bateman and Reinhilde Schoofs

United Kingdom;
Wendy Lovatt, Brian Lovatt, Hugh Lovatt and Dr Marcus Stevens

Wendy Lovatt, Brian Lovatt and Hugh Lovatt

DSC_6105 (1)

Wendy with Getu and Hawlt