Simien Mountain Mobile Medical Service is a small family run charity and we depend upon your donations to continue our work; each month we must cover the costs of medications, equipment and salaries. Furthermore, donations help to cover the tuition fees for our midwifery students, in the coming year three more of our students will qualify and begin working in the community providing much needed care to mothers as they carry, deliver and care for their children.

Below are some of the ways your money will be spent, even a small donation can save a life;

New born baby pack;
£20 will buy a hat, baby grows and blanket. Even a small intervention such as this can dramatically reduce deaths in the mountains where temperatures below zero lead to hypothermia and pneumonia.

Nurses pay;
1 day – £4
1 week – £25
1 month – £96.

1 week – £80
1 month – £320.
3 months – £960

Mule food/care (for one mule)
1 Month – £20

Mirt Stove;
£5 (smokeless stove for one family to heat water and cook on).

B.Sc. Midwifery Scholarships (tuition, board and lodging for one student);
4 years – £1900
1 year – £475
1 month – £40
1 week – £10

We will use this website to keep you informed on how your money was spent and to update you on developments and news from the project.

UK Registered Charity Number; 1162302 Belgium No d’entreprise; 0838.437.019 USA Registered Charity Number; 1484233
Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency number - 4124