SMMMS is currently providing community nursing services in the Janamora Woreda of the North Gonder Administrative Zone through the Gonder Relief, Rehabilitation and Development Association (GRRDA) and under agreements with the Amhara Region, North Gonder Zone and the Janamora Woreda. Nursing services are provided by a community nurse operating from the GRRDA Non-Governmental Health Post (NGHP) in Kiet to seven kebeles with a population of around 35,000.

SMMMS would like to expand its services in Janamora by introducing specialised maternal and child health care and then to extend these services into the other woredas in the Simien Mountains, beginning in eastern Debark in 2012 and eventually covering Adi Arkay, Tellemt and Beyeda.

On this basis, SMMMS officers conducted a field assessment of SMMMS operations in northern Janamora, 19-22 January 2012, followed by a field survey of eastern Debark, 23-27 January, including meetings with community leaders and health officials, visits to health facilities and a sample survey of community health issues and needs.

It is proposed that :

a mobile/community team will be introduced in Eastern DebarkWoreda.

Traditional birthing attendants (TBA’s) will be given a months training in basic, safe, clean obstetric care.

Health Extention Workers will be given 15 days basic obstetric training.

We would offer 6 midwifery scolarships to local girls graduating from high school. Hopefully commencing in October.